Membrainy is an intelligent membrane analysis tool that endeavours to provide both the inexperienced and experienced user access to a wide range of analytical techniques to enable the measurement of various membrane-specific properties from planar bilayer trajectories. Membrainy is primarily designed to work with GROMACS xtc/trr/tpr/cpt/gro and pdb trajectory files, and is capable of measuring:

Membrainy has been hard coded with the force field parameters for CHARMM36, Berger/GROMOS87 and Martini v2.0 for your convenience, and is capable interpreting single, double and asymmetric bilayers.

Please refer to the readme for further information and instructions.

The latest version of Membrainy can be downloaded here:

You can find our publication here, and please cite:

Matthew Carr and Cait E. MacPhee. Membrainy: a 'smart', unified membrane analysis tool. Source Code for Biology and Medicine, (1):3+, March 2015.

or download the BibTeX

For a tutorial on using Membrainy with provided example trajectories, please visit our tutorial page

Please note that Membrainy is currently in its early stages and may encounter issues with the analysis of non-typical bilayers. If you encounter an issue, please contact and we will be happy to assist. We also appreciate any feedback to help us improve Membrainy.